Planning Media is to launch a new deal platform


Planning Media has announced earlier today that it will launch a new deal platform: Promo de la Semaine.  This platform will allow advertisers to showcase their best promotions  without any direct costs with respect to their business capabilities  (time and resources).

"Planning Media has established a solid foot print in the local  internet and performance media landscape. This new deal platform fit  perfectly with our business model. We will be able to expand our  performance media network and enrich our integrated offer to  businesses."

About Planning Media

Planning Media is a local internet and performance marketing company  that offers a full range of online marketing solutions to SMBs. The  company's core competency rely into delivering pre-qualified leads to  businesses using search engine marketing, location based services, group  buying platform, social media marketing, and rich media (display)  advertising. With more than 100 clients on its performance network,  Planning Media is becoming Quebec #1 Internet marketing Company.

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