Convergence: A Powerful Lead Generation Tool


Is Planning Media just a simple Adwords solution rebranded? No. Planning Media's leading solution: Convergence, is a powerful lead  generation tool for professionals, small and medium businesses, and  larger corporations.

Planning Media syndicates in one single tool the Google Adwords  Platform, Bing & Yahoo sponsored link, Facebook ads and a powerful  convergence page creation tool.  This conversion page platform has a  feature called dynamic content which means that the content get  modified based on the campaign results and analytics.  This feature  enable the Convergence Solution to deliver clear and great results.

Furthermore, we integrate to our conversion page platform a powerful  calls and emails tracking feature which enable us to fully measure the  leads volume and quality.

Mobile: it is becoming an important word these days. Convergence is  mobile! All our campaigns include a mobile segment and our conversion  pages are fully optimize for mobile devices with powerful click to call  features and an easy way to send emails or online submissions.

Convergence is all about leads! We measure the ROI of a campaign  based on the number of leads generated on a certain period.  The  Convergence solution does not based its success on impression or traffic  volume, we measure success based on leads!  We are also known for our  unique leading customer centric approach! (Learn more about our unique  client's approach, Contact us!0

Our expertise is geared towards multi-platforms management and integration to deliver maximum results.

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