It's time: Second round of funding.

Planning Media is pround to launch its second round of funding to pursue its growth plan. After two years of consecutive revenue growth, 7 employees, and an international presence, The company has demonstrate that its business model is scalable and exportable.

The first round of funding was completed in August 2010 with BDC, CYBF, and the FCAMC. Since then, the company has refined its business model, built its analytics platform for businesses and agencies, and has acquired more than 150 clients mostly in Canada (recently in Australia).

Planning Media wants to continue building its production team and commercialize its solutions. The combination of a managed service (local internet advertising campaigns management) and a product offering (analytics platform) has been very successful.

About Planning Media

Planning Media is a Local internet advertising company that helps ad agencies and businesses to acquire, maintain, and retain customers via the internet. The company offers a comprehensive suite of online advertising and reporting solutions including search engine marketing, display advertising, remarketing, and more.