Internet Retailers: Cyber Monday is here


The Cyber Monday is a very important event for Internet retailers. Tech Crunch was reporting that e-commerce spending was up 26 percent to a record $816M last year! This is a huge opportunity for retailers. Planning Media has decided to give away a set of recommendations to follow if you plan to open an internet retail store or if you operate one.

Aquisition: Build your Online Shopping Community!

This is the starting point, before thinking about your internet store, you have to ask yourself how will you be building your community? How will you acquire users? How will you maintain customers active? And how will you retain active customers?

Well, obviously the best acquisition channels are search engine marketing, social media advertising and optimization, and rich media advertising using key events and conversion tracking. After acquiring the first members of your community, you have to set an easy to use referral program or incentive for people who shared your brand on social media platforms.

Maintenance: Keep your Community Active!

Repeat purchase is the entrepreneur's best friend! It is the most important key success factor. Email marketing becomes a very important tool. But email marketing without data segmentation and refinement is like a bad restaurant lunch: customers don't want to go back! Using Google Anlytics, you can see which members of your community interact with your site and using your sales data, you can build preference lists. This data is gold, you have to create customer segments and tailored creative initiatives.

Retaining: Do not Lose a Sale!

At any time, entrepreneurs do not want to lose a potential sale. Remarketing & discounts becomes a very close friend. Make sure your creative structure includes ads that will only be seen by potential customers who did not convert after a specific period of time or left a shopping cart full of items. Again, segmentation is the key, create as many remarketing lists as you want and build audiences.  Don't forget to remove those who convert, it avoid dissonance ;)

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