Planning Media is leaving for China

Planning Media is leaving for Beijing and Shanghai next week to discover new digital marketing opportunites and developing potential media/tech partnerships. The agenda is set: meetings with Baidu, Ad Age China, Chineses based ad agencies and publishers!

The business trip will last 7 days, from March 23rd to March 31st, and has been organized by the RJCCQ. On our arrival, Radio Canada will be present to interview the reprensentatives for this trip. As part of the Canadian Delegates, Groupe Qualinet, Construction Quorum, Alécie, AspirAsia, Orchimedia, Fraternité Sur Le Lac, and others in the Chocolate manufacturing industry, Ecoproducts, and Mobile Development.

Eric Dufour will be representing Planning Media for this trip. It represents an exiciting opportunity to discover a new market, meet new people, and have a feel of the digital marketing landscape in China.