Planning Media in Beijing!

First offical business day for Planning Media in China. Two important meetings are scheduled here in Beijing. The first meeting is with one of the largest Chinese based PR firm and the second meeting is schedule with Baidu (China's #1 search engine with 85% market share). 

The objective: establishing strong partnerships to include China as a destination for our advertisers who wish to enter or strengthen their digital presence here. Planning reaches more than 6.5 millions web sites as advertsing destinations in US and Canada and wish to diversify its presence in strong emerging markets such as China (where the digital landscape is quite different!).

With Google's market share close to zero and no access to twitter and Facebook, Chinese people use a complete other set of online destinations to search, interact, and engage online. Obvislously, government regulations and language are a strong barriers to foreign advertisers and Planning Media wants to occupy a leadership position as digital player in the Chinese online landscape.

Next stop: Shanghai!