Turbocharge your PPC accounts acquisition for Q4

Accounts acquisition has been one of the main challenge to PPC management firms. I read a lot of articles about this subject, especially when I started my company.  We have gone far since reselling only SEM and SEO. Performance based campaign managers now needs to address a mix of new platforms such as the rapidly growing social ads space, new RTB, more powerful data platforms, and what's next... 

Instead of providing you with some tips on how to build a good client relationship, I will provide you with some attitude guidelines that can be helpful to build and maintain healthy and long-term relationships.

First, the trader attitude. You are not selling Adwords, or Ad Center, or Yahoo anymore, you are a data advertising portfolio manager. You must embrace the "Wall Street" state of mind. With so many publishers and platforms available to us, we need to keep in mind that what make us successful is the actual output of our strategy, not how we did it or who we chose to do it with.  Be independent and trade for your client’s success

Second, the educator attitude. It goes fast. Really fast. Our clients are becoming way much more savvy about online marketing (and it is a very good thing), we have to embrace the thought leader path. We have to stay on top and deliver exactly what it is expected of us: invest at the good time, the good place, with the good strategy. Being a good educator means explaining clearly to our client why we executed a decision that they would not have done. 

Third and last, being accountable. We have heard so many terrible stories... Unfortunately our industry is not legislated by a professional order or an independent certification.  Being accountable means transparency in our day-to-day campaign management practice. it also means being able to report on our results and explain with details why this strategy worked or not and what is the action plan to pursue or change the trend.

The role of managing PPC campaigns has evolved a lot. With the rapidly growing number of advertising channels available, we have to keep those attitudes as work guidelines to ensure we deliver great value to our clients, but also build a sustainable industry.  Do training, produce content and the most important thing, make sure to talk to your clients on a regular basis!