Last SEMPO conference taught us that if anything, the digital marketing industry is

changing at a faster pace than it seems and that keeping using insights is becoming

increasingly important in any kind of media efforts your thinking of deploying.

Before we get into any details on the conference, let’s acknowledge the speakers for

their awesome presentations: Brendan Sera-Shriar from Day Champ & Unbounce, Chris

Emergui from Bam Strategy and Eric Cholette Dufour from Planning Media, thank you

for the amazing content you guys provided us.


Brendan from Unbounce kicked off the presentation with his 7 rules on CRO. His 7 rules

to effectivly manage your CRO was packed with tips, tricks, and how to’s that would be

useful for anyone in the industry. The biggest concept I took from the presentation was

that for your CRO to be effective and get those results that wow customers you need to

keep your message clear, concise and focused.  Keeping your conversion goal at the

focus of the design for your landing page is the key to its success, followed by consistent

repitition throughout all your different chanels.



Next, Chris from Bam Strategy touched on Google’s new Micro Moments customer

journey. The most fascinating part of this customer journey is understanding how

customers interact across different devices for different reasons. From what was said at

the conference is that users are indeed increasing their research before purchase and

do like to compare with other products while shopping. What does this mean for us

digital marketers? Well, it just means that the door is now opened for us to get to

different devices in shorter amounts of time and in more repitition.



Finally, Eric from Planning Media finished off the conference with a case study on

Paid/Performance Advertising in the Condo industry. Interestingly enough, this

presentation had a lot to do with the previous one. The customer journey for his case

study was much more complex than one would be for example; buying a USB Storage

Key on Amazon. The main challenge to overcome his obstacle was time, and how users

were using different devices for different tasks across. Interestingly enough Eric solved

his case by using a mix of insights and retargeting strategies. Eric’s key takeaways are

to always ask the customer for information on how he/she shops, use as many insights

as possible followed by a solid retargeting strategy. The latter part of his speech

consisted of using a burn pixle in the remarketing strategy, mostly because of the efforts

your putting into trying to convert someone who has already converted (and is most

likely not going to convert again for a while) are going to be wasted otherwise.

In all, the conference was a great success and is a definetly must attend for anyone in

the digital industry!