Google Adwords : Important changes are coming up!

Google held its Annual Performance Summit on May 24th and took the opportunity to announce several major changes! All of our customers are ready for these changes, but we wanted to introduce them to you as well. These changes are major, but do not worry, we work very closely with Google and as Google Partners, we had been warned in advance of the changes. You're in good hands!

Here are the Google Adwords changes:

1. Ability to change bids on all types of platforms

This change was highly anticipated. Google Adwords only offered the opportunity to change bids on mobile. From now on, we will be able to adjust bids for laptops, mobile phones and tablets. This change will also allow us to create specific campaigns per devices!

2. Change in the text ads format

Probably the biggest change! Increased number of characters and ad layout. After 15 years of using the format: 25 characters (Title) - 35 characters (description line 1) - 35 characters (description line 2), the format changes to 30 characters (Title 1) - 30 characters (Title 2) - 80 characters (description). This modification is very interesting and will create a lot of work in terms of content strategies. Longer ads will potentially have a significant impact on click-through rate, quality score and certainly on other metrics like conversion rate.

3. The MOST IMPORTANT announces : similar audience in search

Similar audiences are definitely a very useful tool when making campaigns on the "Google Display Network". Google now offers the ability to target similar audiences in search! As of now, we can target an audience ("Type A" for example) who clicked on our search ads and visited our landing page. We will soon be able to target an audience "Type 2A" defined by Google  which has the same behaviour that the audience "A". However, this audience will have never clicked on our ads. What are the benefits? Reach even more potential customers!

4. Local Ads on Google Maps

Did you take control of your Google My Business? If not, it is the right time to do so. Google will now separate the Google Search Network and the Google Local Search Network allowing us to create campaigns dedicated to local. Mobile should be the priority during the creation and management of Google Maps campaigns.

There are several other innovations such as measuring visitors in stores, native ads on the Google Display Network and the data voice assistant service to properly deliver ads when people are searching using voice systems such as SIRI.

These changes are very positive and give even more performance opportunities for paid search campaigns. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about these changes.