We are proud to support our community

We are very proud to contribute to the Studio de La Relève which helps teenagers to stay in school and graduate from high school. The Studio was created by M. Christophe Danetz in 2010 and is now active in more than 10 schools across the Province of Quebec and expanding. Each year, the Studio organizes a show in which professional bands play and sing songs that have been written by students in high school. Winner of several achievement awards, Christophe and his team are making quite a difference in the life of students by providing them with a project they can achieve throughout the school year (writing songs). Seeing bands signing and playing their songs at the end of the year in front of hundreds of people create strong recognition which generates the motivation to pursue their studies.


We have supported the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art for the past 4 years. Montreal City is an Artistic hub and we are proud to contribute to its development.

We also offer our support to many foundations with our cients, suppliers and partners.