Remarketing offers you a 2nd, 3rd , 4th and even 5th chance to get a conversion.

Remarketing is the most efficient acquisition channel ! This is a very powerful and effective solution to deliver advertising only to potential or current customers who visited your website or specific section of your website. The ad formats include text and rich media ads (banners, animated images, or video ) on over 7 million websites and applications, including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin .


Remarketing is an innovative solution that perfectly complements your efforts paid search, organic, display, and social media. 

This solution allows to keep previous website visitors engaged to your brand, your products or services. Very popular in the e-commerce industry, Remarketing is very effective for advertiser who wish to increase conversion rates. It is a must-use channel whether your are selling products online, acquiring leads, or creating engaging brand lift campaigns.


Remarketing campaigns require a minimum of site/app programmation. The tracking pixels are very important and must be properly programmed into your tag management system or directly on your site/app in order to build the audiences. Once properly installed, we use several methods in order to segment the audience into subgroups based on specific piceces of content they engaged with or interests . With ads designed based on content or interests, we are able to optimize for success and achieve your campaign objectives.


You operate an online store ? Make sure to use cutting edge Remarketing campaigns that directly displays the products your users have viewed before. Show special offers for those who abandoned their shopping cart or store browsing activity. Create attribution models for in-depth analysis of your consumers buying cycle. Remarketing campaign for e-commerce consist of data management. Our experts can help you structure your Remarketing campaigns and execute them with high efficiency.

Planning Media has helped us built an architecture that allows us to know what products our customers have seen, engaged with, and the actions they have performed. We are then able to show them extremely targeted ads to maximize our conversions and revenue.
— Michel D. Contrebandiers Wine & Fine Products

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