International reach for demanding clients



Planning Media works with clients in Ontario, New-Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia. Our team is 100% bilingual which allows us to deploy national campaigns well adapted to the Canadian Market Demography and latest trends.

United States

The Firm has managed several paid media campaigns for USA Clients.  We offer a full expertise in performance media buying for our American Clients and international clients who want to advertise in the USA. We are up-to-date on the latest USA digital advertising trends.


We have done a strategic partnership to acquire the expertise to manage and optimize paid media campaigns on the Search Engine Yandex (Russia #1 Search Engine) and vKontakte (Russia #1 Social Media).

All campaigns are translated and manage by our local partner.


We have a direct access to the Search Engine Baidu for paid media buying. We have concluded an agreement with a local agency to manage and optimize search engine campaigns. Baidu is China #1 Search Engine. 

All campaigns are translated in Mandarin or Cantonese by our local partner.


We have managed several performance based digital advertising campaigns in Portuguese for the Brazilian Market.  All campaigns are translated, manage and optimize at the Montreal office. Google is the #1 Search Engine.

France & UK

We are managing digital adverting campaigns in France and UK for Government entities and SaaS companies. Our relationships with both Countries allow us to manage and optimize campaigns from the Montreal Office.