Mobile advertising must be part of your online marketing strategy!

Over 75 % of Canadians and 60% of Americans own a smartphone. In addition, the number of searches and level of engagement on this type of device is exponentially growing . A dedicated mobile advertising strategy  is no longer negligible.

MOBILE Means action

Mobile consumers are directly in action. There are on the move and more engaged in the content they consume. It is important to create the right experience and position your brand, your products and services on the mobile platform they are using.


All of our advertising strategies should include a mobile segment that drives traffic and focus on leveraging conversions . This way, your potential customers can find you and convert anywhere, regardless of the type of device they used . In every campaign management and optimization mandate, we always dedicate an important potion of the time to mobile.  We ensure that all search, social, display, and remarketing campaigns are deployed with the proper ads and landing pages on mobile devices.

For an advertising campaign that generates quick results, lot of potential customers, and a fast response and personalized service, Planning Media is the Internet advertising experts. They have been working with us for 5 years now!
Congratulations to the team!
— Mario C. Toitures Caron Roofing

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