We differentiate ourselves by our unique client partnership approach and our obsession for success.

We use the best media platforms

We use only industry's leading performance media softwares to deliver maximum results. In addition to their core features, we add our own level of customizations to make sure they deliver exactly what you need and expect.

We Test, Measure, and Optimize!

The key to success! We test, we measure, and we optimize every campaign on a daily basis. Our tools allow us to transpose our intelligence into powerful and custom algorithms that maximize your campaign's performance.


We love Data Advertising!

Our magic! Planning Media has created its own secret sauce to manage internet campaigns on multi-channels and multi-platforms while cross referencing the data. We spend time optimizing campaign data from one channel to another to diminish waste and maximize ROI.


We build attribution models!

100% integrated! All the advertising efforts are integrated together to ensure powerful advertising offensives. Our capacity to publish on multi-channels and multi-platforms allows us to build attribution models based on your sales cycle (slow buy, impulse buy, and more).  


Transparent pricing

Simple and easy to understand. The budget dedicated for media buying is 100% transparent and our fees are billed separately. We ensure total transparency and you keep the data and the work we did. 

100% Location Based

Offering local advertising content is the key to relevant and successful campaigns! Reach your customers using postal code targeting or GPS (Mobile). Moreover, you can adjust your bids if a potential clients is located in a short radius from your business (proximity bidding). 


Why we are in business?

To help you achieve success in business with intelligence
— The Planning MediaTeam

Founded in 2010, Planning Media is an internet advertising company that helps ad agencies and businesses to acquire, maintain, and retain customers via the internet.

Our Firm offers a comprehensive suite of online advertising and reporting solutions including search engine marketing, display advertising, remarketing, and more.

Our Mission

  • Transform the complexity of internet advertising into simple & profitable solutions

Our Vision

  • Be our Clients #1 strategic partner for performance based internet campaigns management and optimization.

Our Values

  • Be customer centric (WOW effect)
  • Productivity and autonomy
  • Service and communication
  • Excellence and performance
  • Hard work; never been satisfied
  • Encourage creativity and innovation

Certifications and professional associations

We're Google Partner! But don't worry we still want to maintain your CPA as low as possible! We have access to the latest changes from the Adwords interface and new advertising products.


The SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) is the world largest professional association that regroup the best SEM firms and managers. Planning Media is proud to be an active member and contribute to the development of the association.


The RJCCQ (Quebec Younth Board of Trades Association) is the leading organization that regroup all Board of Trade across the Province of Quebec. Both Planning Media founders have traveled in China and Russia representing both Planning Media and this association on international trade shows. Louis-Pierre Desjardins, Co--Founder of the company, occupies an executive position at the RJCCQ.


Planning Media is an active member of the CCITB (Ste-Therese & Blainville Board of Trade). Ste-Therese & Blainville are two cities located just 20 minutes from Montreal and are part of the region where the company was founded. Louis-Pierre Desjardins, Co--Founder of the company, is very implicated as First President of the association.