A team of experts in Paid Search management and optimization for demanding clients.

We have been managing PPC campaigns with success for the past 5 years. We can help you boost your results. Our team of dedicated experts will research your account and optimize the architecture to reach your objectives.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex

We manage PPC campaigns on the world leading Search Engines. Our expertise and platform allows us to manage & optimize campaigns across different publishers from a single data dashboard. We reduce time-to-success and remove the workload form your shoulder!

We are 100% transparent! All the data belongs to you. We manage the campaigns directly from your publisher's accounts.


Create a Paid Search campaign is simple. The complicated task comes from the fact that 95% of the campaign's success is based on optimization. Our experience has led us to develop algorithms and techniques that enable us to achieve your campaign's objectives smarter and faster. 

We have the capacity to identify in real-time the strong and weak campaign's parameters (keywords, ads, targeting options, account structure, landing pages). This allows us to quickly act on your campaign and limit the losses and shorten the time-to-success. Moreover, we have rocket science-based optimization algorithms that makes changes to your bids every 30 minutes. This advantage lower your cost per acquisition and put you in a better position in front of your competition.

we Build or Improve Your Account Architecture

PPC has evolved through the years. Our team can help you make sure your paid search account architecture is optimal set terms of data management  and conversion optimization. We can also build your account from the beginning and put you in the driver's seat to maximum performance.

After trying several disappointing Paid Search Agencies, we decided to switch to Planning Media. In a very short time, our clients volume has increased. Planning Media is an exceptional team that offer an outstanding customer service and perform very well in campaigns management & optimization.
— Olivier L. Owner DMO Credit

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