Each impression must be profitable.

Display advertising is complicated! Monitoring your campaign's results on thousand of placements, using dozen of ad formats and building hundreds of audience groups can be challenging. Our team of experts have the knowledge, the tools, and the platforms to make sure each dollar invested in display advertising yield a positive results.

RTB (Real-Time-Bidding)

We're technology ready and expert in the field. We have access to over 7 million websites and applications we can deliver ads on using keywords, placements or contextual targeting. Our expertise and platforms enable us to monitor a huge amount of data in a short period of time reducing dramatically time-to-success.

Programmatic media buying

Programmatic media buying is different than RTB. It consists of new technologies (ad management Platforms - DSPs) that allow advertisers to purchase media placements either by auction (Programmatic) or direct purchase (Programmatic Direct). Unlike traditional media buys , Programmatic media buys generate statistics in real time and provides powerful optimization options. Ad format varies from traditional display banners to rich video ads.


Planning Media has become a powerful unit which manage our traditional ad campaigns online. Their team help our clients to harvest the true potential internet advertising has to offer. They are also available to our clients and provide a lot of valuable analytics. We know we’re getting results when Planning Media is there!
— Troïka Agency

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