Keep in touch with your social media community.

Social media is an excellent solution to increase the level of engagement from potential customers toward your brand. It is also a great medium that help you build your online community and turn it into leads and sales.


Facebook is largely used to reach audiences and share content online. It is a must-have for e-commerce operators. Facebook offers a large variety of campaign types, ad format, and various targeting options to reach a brand new audiences or engage with current ones. The advertising platform offers everything to measure subscriptions, key pages, sales, and other important metrics with accuracy.

Custom audiences solutions

Facebook offers similar functions to your newsletter. The social network allows you to build custom audiences based on a cookie pool (site remarketing), an emails or phone numbers list. You can use those audiences to deliver tailored messages and to organize your data to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Facebook is not the only social media to offer an advertising platform to reach new or current customers. Twitter and Linkedin provide advertisers with great campaign settings and ad type to create brand lift or acquire new leads. Our experts manages your ad investment portfolio and through testing with right the measurement, assess if those networks are good to use or not.

Management & OPTIMIzATION

Planning Media executes the strategy, handle the media buying and optimization on the selected social media networks. We adjust bids, create and manage the audiences, program the campaign settings and measure the results in real-time. 

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